Memories Remastered

I’m almost done with retrieving distant memories, and I’ve been using a pretty effective method of doing so to revive the colors and fine-tune the resolution. Not only is the process fun, it also helps to stimulate the imagination. This method has also allowed me to revisit the many folks from childhood – family and friends – whom I haven’t seen in two decades, to finally be able to understand their characters better. Continue reading

Rant, Truth and Epiphany about E

Several years ago I worked at an IT company as an administrator, and my reason for quitting was that I was getting unwanted advances by a sleazy manager whom I hated. And in the face of my rejection, he began to sabotage my work with sour-graped pettiness – taking my fax machine away, withholding work-related information, spreading rumors and setting me up to get a solid reason for the boss to fire me. He was a cunt, and even after all the years that have passed, a slight recall of his face is still enough to make my feminine juices curdle. Continue reading

My Story

The Dark Night of the Soul phases that I’ve been going through continuously in the earlier parts of my discipline were predominantly focused on healing deep wounds and gaining insight, awareness and freedom with each passing stage. The issues we have come in layers and I’ve mentioned this somewhere in a previous post so I’ll move on to what I want to talk about today. Continue reading

Moments of Clarity – Autumnal Blues

Despite being inactive on social media and here, I’ve actually written a lot in the past year or two – recording streams of my consciousness and rants or just expressing raw emotions. And ever since reviving this blog, I’d only post the stuff that I felt was showcase-worthy, and by that I mean stuff that were high in rationality and low in touchy-feely, so the stuff posted here are only a very small, refine-cut fraction of my inner world that’s devoid of colors. Continue reading

Inconclusive ramblings at 4am + a mini-confession thing

There are a lot of mystifying terms being thrown around in spiritual circles, you can find them anywhere from inspirational pep talk, self-awareness counseling, self-help books to positive affirmation cults. I know, a lot of that live-your-highest-potential guidebooks out there has the odd habit of making very little sense to the average noob. Continue reading

Go Figure

A while ago I mentioned that it has become a new passion of mine to be able to give new definitions to archaic spiritual terminologies. What I meant by that was to elaborate various phenomenon such as past lives, heaven/nirvana, the soul and etc. etc. with more holistic, reliable and scientific explanations relying completely on the observable universal facts and nature. Continue reading

Death is Overrated

Since moving to New Zealand in the mid 90s, there was a seven year gap before I had the chance to visit my hometown again. Now, seven years isn’t a very long time for any other place, but for China, the changes that took place were on a colossal scale. The little Northern town comprised mostly of steel factories and fish farms had transformed into an uptown financial hub, complimented with fancy beaches, skyscrapers, chic restaurants along with a variety of tourist attractions that’s unique in the region. Continue reading